Saturday, March 17, 2007

MALAI PEDHA - (Sweet made from Paneer, Mawa and Sugar)

Mode - Microwave

Time - preparation -10 minutes, microwave -5 minutes

Utensils - (1) microwave safe glass bowl

Ingredients -
(1) 1 cup Paneer (cottage cheese), 1/2 cup Khava (mava), 1/2 cup powdered sugar
(2) Saffron strands, shredded Badam (almonds)-Pista (pistachios), Charoli, Milk powder

Procedure -
(1) Mix paneer, mawa and sugar and make a smooth paste in mixer. Microwave it in a glass bowl on high power for 2 -3 minutes.
(2) Stir in between after each minute. As the mixture starts becoming dry and bubbles appear on surface of the mixture, stop microwave.
(3) Add saffron to the mixture. Keep stirring.
(4) When the mixture becomes sufficiently dry and smooth, kneed well to make a smooth dough. Add milk powder if necessary.
(5) Make small round PEDHAS. Press gently a pinch of Badam-Pista shreds and Charoli on each Pedha.

Aai's Special tips -
(1) Make Paneer of cow milk at home. Cow milk paneer is smooth and soft, which makes Pedha smooth and soft.
(2) If mawa is not available, use full cream milk powder instead.

* This is a special Marathi sweet for Marathi and Hindu New Year. So give this to everybody and celebrate HAPPY GUDHI PADWA.


HungryForMore said...

Do you have a version of your book in English? Your recipes are so well explained with no complicated terms or steps used, even a messy cook like me looks forward to try them out, would like to have a copy. Thank you once again for all these lovely recipes.

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